Here’s what I want you to know:

  • The world is big and there is a space for you in it

  • There’s nothing wrong with you (even if it feels that way sometimes)

  • We’re all just putting one foot in front of the other and making it up as we go along. Sometimes we take a step forward, sometimes backwards, sometimes we go round in circles for a little bit

  • That life feels better when you let what’s important to you, be important

  • There’s nothing in you that you can’t face. Yes it can be scary, and yes bad things have happened, but you are bigger than your problems and fears

  • Everything can change. In fact, change is the only thing that’s certain

  • There’s no “right” way live life. There’s only your way

I’m Jade. 

I’m a healer, guide, and mentor, and I know there’s more to life than daily grinds,
unfulfilling relationships,and feeling a slightly numb sense of “meh” everyday
when you wake up.

Perhaps you do too. 

Of course you do, who wants a “meh” life?

My life changed when I was 19, and I realised that I wasn’t my issues, or my stories about my myself. 

That my issues were getting in the way of me being me.

I wasn’t my daddy issues, or my fears, or the things that hurt or upset me. 

And they could be released and healed. 

Well that changed everything!

Since then, my main focus has been on healing and reintegrating these parts. The hurt parts, the sad parts, the parts that need a bit of extra love. 

The most recent thing Life has brought into my world is sexual assault. That’s my current exploration, if you will, and it’s inviting me to be even more self-loving, self-caring, and compassionate than I could have imagined.

Since seeing life as an explorations, it got freer, more authentic, I could actually be who I was, and was no longer scared of my issues. In fact, I started to welcome them as a chance to let go of something and get to know myself even more deeply.

And I want to help you do the same.

A little bit more…

I’m writing this from a funny little treehouse-kinda-house in Bali, where I’ve been living for almost 2 years (Bali, not the treehouse).

I always knew that freedom and travel were important to me, so the first thing I did when I finished University was to move to Spain, where I lived in Seville, taught English, and ate more tapas than you can shake a stick at. What’s a gal to do with a Philosophy degree, anyway?

I also took loads of healing courses, went on silent retreats galore, and got stuck into to facing my issues and exploring my shadow. 

After a bit of vagabonding, I thought I should get “serious” so I got a job working in Campus Recruitment at a big insurance company in London. It was serious, but also not. My manager was my neighbour from when we were kids and I got nicknamed Princess Sparkle due to my loyalty to sequined shoes. 

I loved interviewing people and getting to know them, but was not such a fan of commutes and having to be in the same place forever.

One day I woke up and was like “this isn’t my life” (perhaps you can relate?), and so began the work of finding what my life would actually be. 

I quit my job. I started working with my mum, a long-time healer, and together we’ve run three successful online healing programmes.

I moved to Bali.

I worked in Admissions for a startup, helping people decide if they wanted to join our co-working retreats. I found I was good at helping people get clear on what they wanted, and that for a lot of people they simply needed someone to listen without telling them they were crazy, or interrupting and making it about them.

I’ve made mistakes, fallen in rice paddies, been abused, met some wonderful people, and made a life out of exploring, growing, finding out what’s important to me, and getting to know myself ever more deeply.

Here’s the deal…

Life is weird. 

Being human is kind of strange. We come in tailor made, with no one else quite like us in the whole universe, spend the first part our lives trying to fit in, and the next part trying to remember who we really are. 

When we’re sad, water leaks from our eyes. Sometimes that happens when we laugh too.

We feel like we have to be perfect in order to be loveable, and yet we find perfect people a bit, well, boring, and are drawn to people’s quirks and contradictions more than their perfection.

I think life is about the exploration. Not a destination, not even a journey, but an exploration.

At different points in our lives Life calls forth different aspects of us. This can be hard, and confusing. Sometimes really bad things happen and we have to find a way to deal with them.

We all have a few things we care deeply about, maybe it’s your career, or love, or freedom, and I think those are our areas to explore. And that means exploring it all. From every angle, nook, and cranny.

We think life should be linear, but instead life is more of a cyclical exploration, going deeper and deeper into the things that we care about, and discovering ourselves along the way.

We’ve been led to believe that there’s a certain way it should be. A formula, a manual, a checklist, and if we could just get our hands on it we’d know what to know.

I’ve yet to find a manual, but I have found the inner compass of my heart, and the more I listen to it, and act on what it tells me, the more my life feels like my own.

The heart carries what’s important to us. I mean what’s really important. Maybe even too important to say out loud, lest it not be well received. 

We’re strong, we’re soft, we’re brave, we’re scared, we’re loving, we’re weird, we’re normal, we’re human.

And it’s good to be around people who get it.

Who are exploring life too. Who want more than a life that looks good but feels shit. 

Who understand because they’ve been there too.

Who feel. Who break sometimes, and put themselves back together. 

Who don’t look at you like you’re crazy because you feel something intensely, or because you’re asking uncomfortable questions, or because you want something outside of the norm.

If you were in Bali, I’d say let’s hang out, but assuming that you’re not, the internet is the next best thing.

So if you are someone who feels deeply, wants life to be an exploration rather than a test, and likes adventures both around the world and into yourself, let’s be internet friends. 

You can join my email list below👇 to help us stay in touch (and four free mini meditations for when you need quick help), or if you want something a bit more personal, head over here to find out how we can work together. 

Thank you for being here, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you.