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I’ve been thinking a lot about reflections recently. 

What is being reflected back and how deep am I willing to hold the mirror. 

How deeply will I let the reflection in, and will I let it change me. 

We get reflections all the time. 

Someone doesn’t respect our time, mirroring how we don’t value it. 

Someone pushes us around, mirroring our low self worth. 

Sometimes we see the reflection immediately, other times we get caught in the dynamic. 

Lately my reflection has been about god and home. It feels like holding the most precise mirror up to the centre of my heart. 

What’s my relationship with god? Can I find god in myself, in my heart?

What is home? Can I be a home to myself. 

I’m seeing that if I can’t find god or home in myself I’ll ultimately always feel like a beggar, hands out hoping for a drop of god. Willing to trade everything for a crumb of home. 

Ever at the mercy of the placeholder for god and home. 

So the reflection is inviting me to come in. Really in. Deeper in than I have before. 

And find god and home in myself.

What a gift.

It can be very tempting to make it all about the other person and what they should or shouldn’t have done. And there may be some truth to that, but what happens when we bring it back to you? When we let you be the central piece in the equation, and see what what is being reflected back to you? 

If we let it, life will constantly show us which areas are difficult for us, where we have some healing to do, but we miss the gift of the reflection when we over focus on the mirror, rather than what we’re being invited to see.

Let people change you. Let yourself have the gift of their reflection. Let them hold up a mirror and show you what you’ve not seen, or been unable to find. 

Let the reflection in. Let it transform you

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