Here are some free resources I’ve put together for you. Because I like you and want you to be happy. 

Listen, download, share, and enjoy. 

Who’s Hanging Out In You? Guided Meditation

This is a 20-minute guided meditation to help you clear people from your system, and gather your energy from anywhere you might have left it. It’s done with past lovers in mind, but can be done for anyone you feel is hanging around in you, anyone you feel is holding some of your energy, and anyone you’d like a bit of distance from. 

Cigarette Break Energy Shift

Four short guided meditations CALM, CONFIDENT, LOVED, and GROUNDED for when you need to shift your energy quickly and quietly. Be it at work, before an interview, in the middle of an argument. Designed for when you only have a few minutes to make a big change (a cigarette break, or nipping off to the bathroom quickly). 

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