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When Did This First Ask To Be Felt?

Perhaps it was earlier this week, but I was in a rush or didn’t even realise it was there. 

Perhaps in childhood, it was too big then so I put it away until I could feel it. 

Further back perhaps, in utero, as my mother’s feelings became my environment. 

Or even further, another life. A different time. Residing in the karmic body, playing out in the physical, and seeping into the emotional with the hope of release after all this time. 

Perhaps generational. A great-great-great-great grandparent being the first to meet it, and it traveling the line to me. So familiar and yet unknown. 

Maybe even picked up from a friend, or lover, or random encounter. The emotion recognising that it might be freed through me. 

Hello emotion, where did you start?

Where did you come from?

Would you like to tell me your story or is it enough to be welcomed?

Would you like to be felt?

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