Work with Me

Have you gotten to a point where you need outside help? Maybe you’ve been grappling with something for a while and have gotten as far as you can with it? Maybe you know something is up but really don’t where to get started. Maybe it feels to big, scary, and dark to speak to friends and family about? Maybe you simply need to talk to someone who won’t be trying to interject and making the conversation about them. 


So, here’s what I do:

1 – Meet you in the intensity of what’s really, truly important to you

2 – Give you a broader and deeper perspective than you currently have available to you

3 – Help you bring words and clarity to what you’re feeling

4 – Create an open and safe space for you totally free from judgement

5 – Make it all about you. Not them, not what they said, not what they think, but you

6 – Help you get clear on your next step

7 – Shit hot energy work to clear what’s stuck, calm what’s agitated, and bring in what’s needed


My intention with these sessions is to provide you with a space where you can be unapologetically yourself, bring forth what is truly important to you, provide you with a deeper perspective, and help you find your next step. 

These sessions are all about you. What’s going on for you, what is the challenge or invitation for you, what do you need. We can get very caught up in trying to change someone else, but really all we can do is work with ourselves, with our hearts, and move from there. Maybe they’ll change, maybe they won’t. 

This is your life, your exploration, so let’s bring it back to you. 

I also work with energy, to read what’s going on beneath the surface, and engage with you and your system at a deeper level. Physical change will only do some much if something is off energetically, so let’s include all of you, your mind, body, and energy in our work together.

Amazing things happen when we are met. I mean really deeply met. When we tell the truth. When we stop hiding from ourselves. 

We find clarity. Options we didn’t know were available to us. Solutions that didn’t exist before. We feel connected to ourselves, our intuition gets easier to hear and act on. We start actually living our life, rather than the one we think we should be living. 

These sessions are a place for you to tell the truth about who you are and what you want. No judgement, meeting in the intensity of who you really are.

So, if you have something that you’re grappling with, something in your life that’s not working, something about you that you’re scared to share with the world, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s work together and lovingly meet it, giving both it and you the space to be seen, met, and transform.

My experience and qualifications

I’m a longtime healer and energy worker. I first trained in Vortex Healing in 2010, and since then have taken multiple courses to deepen my healing and energy skills. Energy work came very naturally and is something I’ve been doing since childhood.

I’ve run three successful online healing courses with my mum, called Six Weeks of Spirit where we dug super deep into all areas of life (twice), and Anchored in Grace, a weekly guided meditation and healing programme designed to make spirituality more accessible.

I do freelance interview training where I help clients get really clear on who they are and how to sell themselves. It’s part “do say this, and don’t say that” and part insight about themselves and their career.

I’ve hundred of hours of discovery calls to help people decide if they wanted to change their lives and join a month-long retreat. This often ended up being more like coaching, and helping people get clear on what they needed. Did they want to quit their job? Where they ready to go out on their own? Did they just need permission to take a break and explore life?

The practical stuff

Where do sessions take place?  All sessions are online, we can use whichever medium is best (FaceTime, Whatsapp, Skype).

How long will it last? Sessions last for 90 minutes.

How much does it cost? A 90 minute session is £70 (I’ll send you payment info when you book).

What can we work on? We can work on whatever you want. Whatever is important and relevant to you. That might be work, relationships, sex, family, friends, spirituality, a specific situation that is troubling you, or an issue that keeps coming up in your life.

Is there anything we can’t work on? No, nothing is strictly off limits, but I would suggest that if there’s a lot of trauma or psychological pain present for you, you might be better off seeing a trauma specialist. 

Is there anyone you don’t work with? No, but I would suggest that if you are taking medication to suppress or manage things that you are currently unable to hold or handle it would be better to wait, as my approach is very much to meet and feel what is present, so if you don’t feel able to do that this work might bring up stuff you’re not ready meet yet. 

Can I ask you a question? Of course, get in touch and we can go through any questions you have.


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