Work with Me

You read your astrology but also know how to use Excel.

You’re into yoga but are sometimes hungover for that early morning Saturday class.

You think Tantra sounds cool but so does Tinder.

You believe in signs from The Universe but don’t always know what they mean.

You know there are certain areas in your life that you struggle with, but don’t know how to do anything about them.

You have friends but no one to really talk to and hear you. 

Perhaps you’re the person everyone goes to, but when you need help there’s not much there.

You feel like you’re waiting for something to change, but it never seems to.

If that sounds like you then you’re in the right place. 

Why do you keep dating the same sexy but stupid men or women?

Why do you find it hard to be close to people and really let them in?

Why do you find it so hard to ask for help?

Why do your parents still have the power to drive you crazy?

Why are you still in the same career that you feel unfulfilled by, or why do you keep bouncing from job to job, never really finding your thing?

Why do you have this background feeling of always having done something wrong?

Until we really get to the why, we’re just playing with the symptoms.

You try everything you can to change or distract yourself but it keeps coming back.

Are you ready to really ask why, and get to the roots of the issue?

Our time together

Our time together is your chance to get up close and personal with your world, your issues, and your fears, and get clear on what’s really going on, what patterns are playing out, and most importantly what steps you need to take to change the situation.

It’s your time to be completely honest. To say the things you might not even tell your best friend lest they judge you or just miss the point of what you’re saying.

It’s your opportunity to stop going round and round in the cycle of stuckness, obsession, and confusion, and look up, and step off the merry-go-round, getting clear on what’s actually going on.

Ultimately, our time together is your time to be and feel yourself, and have me there with you, holding your hand, providing perspective and guidance, and helping you to see what’s really going on.

In today’s world it’s so easy to be at once so connected, and yet so disconnected. To have loads of friends, but no one to tell the truth to. To have a tonne of conversations but to never really be heard, or say what you need to say. To go over and over a situation, but for nothing to change.

Our time together is a chance to do something different.

It’s a time to be honest, to be heard, to say everything you have to say, and to go beyond the drama into what’s really happening and make changes from there.

You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to power through. You can ask for help and receive it.

If you’re ready to step off the merry-go-round of stuckness, drama, and confusion, then there are a few ways we can work together. 

Just a Quickie – The Details

90-minute clarity call for when you need help with a specific problem, question, decision, or issue. 

This is for you if you don’t know what to do, you have a question, dilemma, or person that keeps churning round in your mind, or you need some clarity and perspective on something that is confusing you and getting you down.

* 90 minutes on Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime….basically online

* Investment – £70

FWB – The Details

12 weeks, me and you, going deep and dirty to get into the patterns, traumas, and hurts that are holding you back and giving you problems. This isn’t “What should I do about this guy?” this is “I’m ready to deeply and lovingly examine my relationship with men, my previous relationships, my upbringing, all of it, and I want to get into the issues and patterns that are fucking me from the inside and change from there”. 

It’s deep, it’s intense, it’s for you if you really want change, peace, and love.

* 2 x 90-minute sessions per month (6 in total) 

* Weekly check-in via Whatsapp Voice Notes & unlimited messages in between 

* 6 guided-meditations (recorded specifically for you after each session)

* Investment – £800 (payment plans available)

Mentorship – The Details

This is for you if you have an interest in spirituality and want to start exploring yourself as a spiritual being. It’s less about issues and problems (although for sure they’ll come up) and more about energy work, intuition, meditation, spiritual growth, and honing your skills.  

I’ll be your mentor, guide, and spiritual big sister, introducing you to the gifts you suspected you had but didn’t know how to access, and giving you ways to go deeper into your spirituality. 

* 1 x 90 minute call per month (4 in total)

* Check in every two weeks via Whatsapp Voice Notes 

* Homework after each session to help you practice what we preached

* 4 guided-meditations (recorded specifically for you after each session)

* Investment – £500 (payment plans available)